Thursday, June 25, 2015

Get More Than You Paid For From These Vaping Liquids

Many people swear by vaping as an effective way to quit smoking, but the use of e-cigarettes and cartomizers goes beyond matters in nicotine delivery. Here are a few e-liquid brands and vaping gear that offer more than the usual features and benefits associated with their kind.

Vaping Liquids made of Real Fruit Extracts

Launched in April 2015, UNBROKEN is a new line of high-end e-juices made with fruit extracts from plants in Brazil and the Amazon rainforest. The line consists of five exotic flavors with four nicotine strengths ranging from 0 to 16 mg.

Patinga by Szakerto70 via Pixabay | Cupuacu Fruit via Flickr | Carambola by Ana Ulin via Flickr | Guarana via Fotonostra | Jabuticaba by Zahrae via Wikimedia Commons
A corporate press release provided their descriptions below:
Raw: Extracted from the pitanga (pi-tang-guh) fruit of the coastal region of Brazil, Raw captures a delicate fruitful flavor with a hint of sweet, sugary cherry. Indigenous inhabitants of Brazil use pitanga as a source of Vitamin C and calcium.

Rain: Made from the fruit of the cupuacu (coop-wah-a-sue) tree, which is grown in the northern region of the Amazon, Rain boasts a flavor blend of pear, banana, chocolate and passion fruit. The cupuacu fruit is harvested once it has "rained" down and fallen to the ground.

Aurora: Derived from the carambola (kar-uh m-boh-luh) fruit, or starfruit, of northeastern Brazil, Auroa's understated, ultra-unique sweet citrus flavor can be compared to a mix of apple, pear and grape with caramel and sugary nuances.

Haven: Developed from the guarana (gwahr-uh-nah) fruit of the northern Amazon region of Brazil, Haven gives the full flavor of green apple with a touch of guarana, a taste that is round, rooty and berry-like. Guarana produces small coffee bean-sized seeds that look "like the eyes of the people" and has a main ingredient that is identical to caffeine.

Root: Derived from the jabuticaba (ja-boot-i-caba) fruit of southeast Brazil, Root has strong grape and berry-like undertones and captures a unique tropical taste while remaining sweet with an sub-acid tang. Jabuticaba grows from the trunk of the tree up to the branches.

Each tamper-resistant child-proof 30 ml bottle comes with an easy-grip glass dripper. Vapers can mix these all-natural flavors with one another or add other plant extracts, such as pure vanilla bean or roasted coffee.

Don't Forget to Take Vape Your Vitamins

The tongue-in-cheek name will surely make you smile. Solar Cigarettes called the cartridge pack of their vitamin-enriched vaping liquids as the "Fountain of Youth." The following description of the pack is found on the company website:
The ever so life changing Solar Cigarette vitamin pack. It's a one of it's kind cartridge pack, which allows you to receive your daily vitamins and nicotine with every puff. Feel the difference as you receive your energy boost, softer supple skin, and your daily intake of vitamin A, C, and E, plus important daily B vitamins your body requires to live a better lifestyle. Finally smoke and truly change up your lifestyle for the better.

In an official press release, a corporate representative of Solar Cigarette claimed that "smokers who started using our vitamin packs are now smoking without any dose of nicotine. They are using zero nicotine flavors but still feel as if they are smoking. They literally would rather have the dose of healthy vitamins rather than crave the nicotine."


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