Friday, July 31, 2015

Do Mechanical Mods Deliver More Satisfying Vapes?

Mechanical mods are the kind of 'old school' vaping equipment that present users with many challenges. Yet, these same challenges are the ones that bring satisfaction to vapers who love to tweak and enhance their mods. Customization gives vapers the creative control over their mods in the same way that Linux built a strong community of modders and hackers.

These mods don't rely much on modern electronics to work. In fact, they mostly have a simple internal system, such as the Classique Box Mod by RL Workz (pictured below).

Dual battery compartment. Image via

A full mechanical switch in a box mod. Image via

One advantage of these mods is the flexibility to use different kinds of batteries.
With a telescopic mechanical, one simply rotates the outer tube counterclockwise as if unscrewing it from the inner tube in order to increase the overall length of the mod; conversely, one would rotate the outer tube clockwise to shorten the mod's overall length. In this way, the mod can accommodate batteries from 18350 to 18650.

multiple battery tubes
A telescopic mechanical mod with multiple battery tubes. Image via
Vapers enjoy the ruggedness and stamina of these mods. They won't break easily when they fall off a table, or when they get struck while the vaper is on the move, such as while mountain biking, rock climbing, or hiking and camping in the wilderness. What's more, these mods still work until their batteries have been depleted.

The challenges faced by vapers who use mechanical mods are also the equipment's weaknesses. Vapers are expected to invest on an extra pair of fully charged batteries, which they can use immediately when the first two have been sucked dry.

The truth is depleting your batteries is never good. It can lead to accidents, such as batteries exploding or circuits burning from too much heat.

Because these mods are not regulated, the quality of hits they deliver are inconsistent. Sometimes, you get aerosol that produces thin vapor, and sometimes, you suck in burning hot air into your throat and lungs.

On the bright side, the flexibility in battery usage gives you the chance to enjoy your vapes until there's no more juice left in your cartomizer. These mods are also perfect for sub-ohm vaping.

Obviously, mechanical mods are geared towards builders - vapers who love to create custom-built atomizers and tweak the mod's internal operations. To avoid hits with a burnt wick taste, you're encouraged to tweak and customize your mod until it performs the way you wanted it to. In general, mechanical mods create a more satisfying vape for you than when you're using disposable cig-alikes.

Here are some basic battery safety tips from Olympia Vapor Works:
  • Use ONLY high-end IRC or IMR batteries.
  • Always buy your batteries from a reputable vendor.
  • Make sure your mechanical mod is properly vented. See to it that there are air holes in the tube.
  • Take good care of your batteries. If they get dented or the plastic cover came off, then it's time to throw them away.
  • Buy a multimeter and regularly check your batteries with it. When they get down to around 3.5V, replace them with fully charged ones.
  • Buy an extra pair of batteries, even when your mod allows only two in the compartment.
  • Don't buy a cheap charger or a universal charger that's normally used for cellphones.
  • Use chargers specifically made by the e-cig manufacturer for their products.


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