Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What Do You Call Vaping While Pooping or Having Sex?

The development of a vaping lexicon started in 2014 when Oxford Dictionaries selected "vape" as its Word of the Year. Since then, we've heard of vape pens, vape shops, and vapers as well as related words, such as cartomizers or cartos, drip tips, e-juices or e-liquids, cloud chasers, vaporiums and vapor lounges. Now, we have two more words to add to the urban vocabulary.

Vooping like a boss. Image Credit: bakeup631 via Instagram

Do You Even Voop Bro?

Vooping is a marriage of two words: vaping and pooping. Many smokers have made it a habit to go sit on the porcelain throne after enjoying a cigarette or to smoke while pooping. So, why does smoking frequently lead to pooping? We turn to some members of the Straight Dope online community to provide us with the answers.
There are nicotine receptors in your intestines. When you smoke, the nicotine triggers them, and they trigger your intestines to contract. Everything inside moves down the track a bit and the poop at the end knocks on the exit door.

The only bad thing about vooping is the horrible mixture of odors that stay behind. It's a good idea to light a scented candle (preferably something citrus-y like orange or lemon) before exiting.

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Is Vaping While Having Sex Appropriate or Even Safe?

With a variety of flavored e-juices to choose from, your sex life becomes an adventure that's filled with exciting possibilities. A puff or two from your mod during sex will definitely spice things up with your partner. But, is it appropriate to rev up your fog machine while doing the horizontal mambo with someone?

It seems people already smoke in bed, but mostly as a post-coital activity. The orgasmic high they experience lasts longer when they smoke. But, there are also people who like an after-sex smoke because they may feel sad or anxious. That kind of depression is called post-coital tristesse or PCT, which is an overwhelming feeling of melancholy or anxiety after having sex with someone.

Smoking a cigarette during sexual intercourse can be off-putting or dangerous to someone. Cigarette smoke smells bad plus the ashes from the burning tip can hurt your lover. In comparison, vaping makes clouds of delicious smelling vapor and there's no danger of accidentally burning your partner or yourself.

And, the only problem for vapers now is to agree on a new word to describe this. What do you think of vucking (vaping plus fucking) or vexing (vaping plus sexing)? Do you have something else in mind?


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