Saturday, August 29, 2015

13 Infographics About Vaping and E-cigarettes That You Need to See

Most infographics on vaping show a detailed comparison between electronic and traditional cigarettes. They usually present the dangers of cigarette smoking and the many benefits of using e-cigarettes. But, these types of information aren't the only things you need to know about vaping. Explore other aspects of what proponents call "a safer alternative to smoking tobacco" with these beautiful infographics.

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The 9 Laws of E-Cigarettiquette: A Handy Infographics for E-Cigarette Users

Don't wait for a federal agency to tell you what you can or cannot do when using your personal vaporizer. Start moderating your e-cigarette use, especially when you're out in public. Follow these rules when you want to chase some clouds, and you'll avoid facing down non-vapers or non-smokers in nasty confrontations.

the 9 laws of e-cigarette etiquette infographic
Source: Business Insider

E-cigarettes and Nicotine Poisoning in Children

Children's Safety Network (CSN) created this infographics based on data provided by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPC). CSN said: "Poison control centers reported a 145 percent increase in calls involving e-cigs and liquid nicotine between 2013 and 2014."

e-cigarettes and nicotine poisoning infographic
Source: Children's Safety Network

AAPC advises adult vapers to "use care to protect their skin when handling the products," and to keep them "out of sight and out of the reach of children." In addition, vapers are told to dispose of old cartridges and bottles properly to "prevent exposure to pets and children from the residue or liquid left in the container."

The War on E-cigarettes in the U.K.

This is what's been happening in the United Kingdom. KFC and Starbucks have banned the use of e-cigs in their stores. Vapers are also banned from using their personal vaporizers in almost all buses and bus stations in the U.K. and in almost all hospital grounds in Scotland. Some pubs allow their patrons to vape, but so few of these places exist all over Great Britain.

great war on e-cigs UK
Source: Matchless Ecig UK

Seven Huge Consequences of an E-cigarette Ban

E-cigarette Direct UK - through its blog, social media accounts, and newsletters - surveyed over 1,600 adult vapers in the United Kingdom about their reactions to an e-cigarette ban. The results are presented in this beautiful infographics.

consequences of a vaping ban
Source: E-cigarette Direct UK

Which Tobacco Company Owns Your E-cigarette?

Purplebox looked into the major players of the vaping industry and found out which big tobacco companies are the actual owners of some of the well-known brands of e-cigarettes in the U.S. and U.K markets.

Which Tobacco Companies Own Which E-Cigarette Brands
Source: Purplebox

Lorillard is the third largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States. The company bought BluCigs for $135 million on April 2012. This was the first e-cigarette acquisition of the tobacco industry in America. Meanwhile, British American Tobacco (BAT), which owns the popular cigarette brand Lucky Strike, has acquired e-cigarette brand Vype. It was launched in the U.K. market on August 2013. BAT was the first tobacco company to acquire an e-cigarette brand in the United Kingdom.

E-cigarettes Versus Big Tobacco: An Industry Overview

This infographics from Purplebox compared and contrasted the newly emerging e-cigarette industry with the long-standing tobacco industry. The infographics tracked the progression of both industries from their invention to evolution.

E-Cigs vs Big Tobacco Infographic
Source: Purplebox

Electronic Cigarette 101

Joyetech UK has created a very detailed infographics that presents different aspects of e-cigarette use. You'll learn about the history, science, mathematics, business and ecology of electronic cigarettes.

the history, science, math, business and ecology of e-cigarettes
Source: Joyetech UK

Battery Safety for Vapers

Zamplebox created this infographics to serve as a PSA poster for vape shops. It outlines the things that a vaper has to do to prevent burning out the coils and keeping their e-cigarettes in good condition.

battery safety for vapers infographic
Source: Zamplebox

Simple Amp Guide for Vapers

A second infographics from Zamplebox tackled the problem of computing the equivalent AMPs for specific OHMs of wires. The poster provides a short list of AMPs and OHMs for vapers to use as a guide.

simple amp guide infographic
Source: Zamplebox

Based on the information provided by this infographics, we learn that coils with a total resistance of less than 0.2 ohms are considered high-risk components. They require too much power from batteries that they will likely cause the coils to burn out sooner and damage your vaporizer.

How Much Money Do You Save with Electronic Cigarettes?

This infographics by TECC presents a breakdown of the costs of smoking traditional cigarettes in comparison to using electronic cigarettes in the U.K. market.

save money with ecigarettes
Source: The Electronic Cigarette Company UK

A Simple Technical Guide to E-cigarettes for Beginners

A Reddit user by the name of fergie232 created this simple (but very useful) guide for vapers. It has images of different types of personal vaporizers, ranging from disposable or non-refillable cig-a-likes to high-end rebuildable mods. There's also a section reserved for the types and brands of e-cigarette batteries to get and what kind of chargers to use for them.

simple e-cigarette guide for beginners
Source: Reddit 

A Breakdown of E-cigs (and Cigarettes)

This infographics presents a very detailed look into the world of vapers and electronic cigarettes, and how everything compares with smokers and their analog cigarettes. This is, perhaps, one of the best infographics I've seen that compared and contrasted the e-cigarette with a tobacco product.

a breakdown of ecigs infographic
Source: Electronic Cigarettes Reviews

A Look at Electronic Cigarettes

This infographics compares the advantages and disadvantages of using the following traditional designs of electronic cigarettes. The side-by-side comparison includes brief explanations on how both models work, technically and practically.

a look at ecigs infographic
Source: Electronic Cigarettes Reviews


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