Friday, August 14, 2015

Dreaming of the Ultimate Lung Health Liquid

In the blog-o-sphere and even in arenas of public discourse, vapers are generally wary of using words like "healthy," "lung health," and "healing" when they talk about vaping, e-cigarettes, and everything that's even remotely related to vapes, like fogs and clouds.

This may be also the reason why the international vaping community strongly emphasizes vaping as a less harmful alternative option to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Now, here comes an interesting idea: How about mixing in some "therapeutic inhalants" and "vaporized medicinal botanicals" into e-liquids? In my defense, I'm not the first guy to think about making e-liquids more beneficial to one's health.

An overly enthusiastic OP in the started a thread in 2009 on "the ultimate lung health liquid" and shared some of his thoughts on this "dream invention" of his:

Why not create a nicotine (less) liquid that contains tar breaking mixtures, something to promote the healing of lungs, re-buildup of blood hairs in the lungs, promote production of mucus and open up air channels, etc.

This shouldn't be too difficult, I assume. Given the information on the internet and elsewhere. What would "The Ultimate Lung-Health Promoting Liquid" be composed of?

Most of those who replied to the post thought the idea had some merit although a few were wary of labeling this "lung-health promoting liquid" as something that's for medicinal use because they didn't want to get a prescription for that kind of e-juice.

One of the guys also suggested that OP should check out Nhaler's Lung Juice, which is an e-juice with an herbal aromatherapy flavor. The herbal ingredients of this e-juice are the following:

  • Elecampane root and flower
  • Mulletein leaf
  • Osha Root
  • Yerba Mansa (whole plant)
  • Yerba Santa leaf
  • Dandelion leaf
  • Licorice root
  • Lobieala root
  • A water extraction Tincture of Cordyceps
  • Reishi Mushroom alcohol extraction

** Everything's been steeped in pure grain alcohol to preserve the natural flavors and scents of the herbs. Distilled water is added to thin out the alcohol. Only vegetable glycerine is added.

One of the naysayers, however, pointed out that it's nearly impossible to remedy lung tissue that's been damaged by many years of cigarette smoking.

OP's idea doesn't seem so crazy at all; there's some merit in creating herbal e-juices or medicinal vaporizers, don't you think?


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