Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What to Expect at a Vaping Convention

Vaping ConventionWhether you're just thinking about making the transition from smoking tobacco to vaping e-liquid, or you've already made the switch, or you're now a veteran vaper, a vaping convention is an educational and fun experience you really should try.

While there are many vape conventions held in the USA, Canada is quickly catching up to her neighbour to the south – but more about Canadian vaping conventions later.

If you do decide to attend a vaping convention, here are a few pointers that will make your first time easier and more enjoyable.

  • You will be carded, so bring your ID.
  • Dress comfortably and wear good walking shoes (no heels, ladies!).
  • Do bring a decent-sized back pack to hold all the goodies you're going to buy and receive for free.
  • Bring cash – some vendors don't accept credit or debit cards, although there's usually an ATM on site.
  • Bring extra batteries (in a sealed freezer bag in case your water bottle leaks!) and your rebuilding kit for repairing wicks.

Taste Test Lots of E-juice Samples

If you have one, bring a wickless coil– you'll be doing a lot of e-juice sampling. Pace yourself as your palate may become confused after checking out several e-juicesA good tip is to schedule your tastings to just a few from the same flavour group every half hour or so. Many vendors have 'dripping wheels' which allow you to sample a drop or two of many  e-liquids, and this is where your wireless coil will become your new best friend.

Don't Be Shy — Chat With Fellow Vapers & Vendors

Speaking of friends, do take the time to socialize with your fellow vapers in the refreshment/bar/vape lounge area. You may be surprised at the cross-section of people at a vaping convention, so strike up a conversation – vapers are usually quite friendly! Vape vendors are also anxious to talk to you and offer you free goodies and advice, so stop, chat and learn from them.

Insider Secret Tip: If you're planning on making a purchase, scout and investigate the product(s) you want, but wait until the last day of the convention to buy. Vendors don't want to have to pack up and transport unsold merchandise and they're usually amenable to a reasonable reduced price offer on whatever they have left to sell.

Have you been to a vaping convention recently? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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