Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Vaping Gift Ideas for the Holidays

vaping gift ideas'Tis the Season… to visit for some of your gift-giving needs! It's just five more weeks 'til Christmas, and Santa's on his way!

That's right folks, the countdown is on, and it's time to get serious about gift shopping. If you're reading this blog, you're either already a vaper, you're thinking about becoming a vaper (New Year's resolution?) or you know someone is a vaper.

There's a present for everyone on your vape list, and something to suit every budget. We thought we'd share our wish list with you – all of them affordable and all available to order online at

Vaping Gift Idea #1: E-juice

Greek Yogurt with Granola EjuiceLet's begin with e-juice, the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift. Greek Yogurt with Granola and  Pineapple Melon Cream Yogurt by Yogen Fog sound too yummy to be true. Cocoberries by Cloud Connoisseurs is a coconut-lover's dream, and Menage a Trois by Temptations is a sinful concoction of strawberries, custard and cinnamon. Explore our e-juice menu for more delightful and adventurous flavours!

Vaping gift Idea #2: Stainless Steel Clearomizer

We love the Eleaf BCC-GT stainless steel clearomizer with its newly designed dual bottom coil. It has a Pyrex glass tank (no plastic taste leaking into your e-juice!) and its dual coil head provides superior vapor and flavour. Best of all, it's available in seven colours! At just $12.00 CAD, it's a steal!

Vaping gift Idea #3: Accessories

rubber ecig battery standRubber battery stands are always needed by vapers. They get left behind in bars and cars and vapers can't have enough of them. Luckily, they're inexpensive. We like these battery stands and at $2.50 CAD each. They fit regular Ego batteries   and at that price you can afford to put together a gift pack, mixing and matching from a wide range of colours.

Vaping gift Idea #4: Swag

BeanieA VaporJedi T-shirt is sure to please anyone on your list. It's available in white or black, embossed with the VaporJedi logo and comes in sizes small through triple XL.  We also like the matching  VaporJedi Beanie, available in black only with VaporJedi's classic electric green and grey logo.

Vaping gift Idea #5: Starter Kits

ecig starter kitLet's go back to the 'resolution' people. If you're truly serious about quitting the tobacco habit, get yourself an e-cigarette starter kit.  These beginner kits include everything you need to get started. True story – this writer ordered a starter kit online, and from the moment it arrived in the mail over two years ago, she hasn't smoked a tobacco cigarette. These kits cost less than a carton of Canadian cigarettes, so invest in yourself and your health!

Happy Ho-Ho!


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